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DESARON is the representative of Sun Chlorella Corp. in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea.
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Patented Cell Wall Pulverization

The tough cell wall not only protects Chlorella from the harsh environment of nature on the Earth for over 540 million years, but also restrains the abilities of our bodies to digest and absorb the rich nutrients of Chlorella. In order to improve the digestion and absorption of Chlorella as well as to help people to maintain a good health, Sun Chlorella develops a patented technology which successfully pulverizes the tough cell wall of Chlorella and provides our customers with Chlorella’s enormous amounts of nutrients.

This cell wall pulverization technology is a unique physical technology conducted without any intrusive method. It does not require any enzyme, chemical, or heat which may damage and diminish those nutrients in Chlorella. Even though there are many methods used by other chlorella manufacturers such as blanching method, dissolving the cell wall by enzymes, and breaking the cell wall by heat, none of them is able to crack the tough cell wall of Chlorella more than 80%. This patented technology developed by Sun Chlorella is the only method which is able to pulverize the tough cell wall of Chlorella by 95% to 99% and allows our customers to benefit from the purifying cell walls as well as the essential nutrients of Chlorella.
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