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DESARON is the representative of Sun Chlorella Corp. in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea.
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Monde Selection
What is Monde Selection?

Monde Selection is an independent international institute founded in1961 on a Belgian initiative in Brussels, which is the oldest and most representative organization in the field of Quality Selections in the world. Each year an average of over 2200 products are presented to the Institute from over 70 countries in order to assess their quality standards.

Sun Chlorella and Monde Selection

Sun Chlorella is pleased to announce that all 11 of its products that were submitted for the 2010 Monde Selection have won awards. The 2010 Monde Selection Award/Closing ceremony was held in Wiesbaden, Frankfurt on May 31, 2010. For more details, please find a complete list of Sun Chlorella's award winning products on Monde Selection's website (

Quality of Life

Sun Chlorella A tablets as well as granules and Sun Eleuthero tablets are awarded with the Grand Gold Medal by Monde Selection for 3 and 2 consecutive years, respectively. Sun Chlorella is honored and privileged to have this opportunity to prove their product safety and quality through Monde Selection, the well-known international institute for high quality standards.
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